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Welcome to Rogers & Rogers, Inc.
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Rogers & Rogers, Inc. was founded in 1986 on a commitment to provide a strong, honest and determined reputation. This commitment remains the foundation of our business today. Rogers & Rogers Inc. is a dedicated family-owned business that originated in construction and has now become more focused in the real estate and aggregate industry.

With more than 35 years in the real estate and construction industry, and more than a decade of rebuilding quarry equipment, Rogers & Rogers, Inc. continues to expand our business and marketing area.  Whether searching for a custom crushing plant, bare crusher, used rock crushers, or residential and/or commercial properties, Rogers & Rogers, Inc. can help with whatever you need.

After more than 35 years in the construction industry, and more than a decade of rebuilding aggregate/ quarry equipment, Rogers & Rogers has a rock solid reputation. The Rogers family continues to expand their marketing all around the world. Having previously shipped equipment to most US, Central, and South America locations, Rogers & Rogers Inc. is now targeting worldwide sales.

As the economy continues to move toward globalizations, the company recognizes opportunities to market equipment to worldwide locations such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Middle Eastern countries. Whether it’s a component for your existing plant, or a completely new facility, Rogers & Rogers, Inc. stands ready, able, and willing to manufacture and deliver equipment to meet the aggregate / quarry demand in any part of the world.

Since 1997 Rogers & Rogers, Inc. has served the aggregate industry with rock crushers, screens and conveyors. Having experience and knowledge in the aggregate equipment industry enables the staff at Rogers & Rogers, Inc. to offer customized plants that fit the customer’s needs.